Saving lives.

Streamlining care.

Simplifying access.

Welcome to NextGen RPM

Saving lives.

Streamlining care.

Simplifying access.

Welcome to NextGen RPM

By professionals
for professionals

Created by Cardiac Rehab professionals with decades of experience, the NextGen RPM Home-Based Cardiac Rehab program is clinically proven to maintain heart health and prevent cardiac disease, delivering positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

  • Patients increase their quality of life
  • Clinicians experience maximized compliance rates
  • Payers see lower costs

Proven Outcomes

Hospital readmission rate
vs. 30% without it

Compliance rate vs. 15-20%
for traditional rehab

Eliminates up to 1M
unnecessary ER visits annually

The need:

Despite the proven benefits of cardiac rehab, only 20% of those who are eligible take advantage of it because of barriers such as:

  • No geographically convenient physical locations
  • Inability to travel
  • Time constraints and scheduling issues
  • Need to return to work
  • Expenses related to travel

Easy Access
Anytime, Anywhere

NextGen RPM makes effective cardiac rehab accessible to everyone who needs it. We believe all patients should have the ability to participate in a Home-Based Cardiac Rehab program that is safe, convenient, and affordable. Discover all the benefits:

Streamlined User Experience

  • Easily intuitive interface from a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Virtual sessions that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Access to medically validated video content with over 10,000 exercises
  • Simple, visual on-screen guidance
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Self-driven, use anytime, at the patient’s own pace
  • Data reported to healthcare provider for monitoring
  • Professional support staff on call 24/7

Easy to Access,
Easy to Use is a simple platform for providers to set up and administer remotely, with an easy interface from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Just like traditional cardiac rehab, it’s a medically approved program reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans.


Benefits for Patients

  • Medically supervised, completely customizable programs tailored to needs and abilities
  • Covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans
  • Reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Clinically proven to maintain heart health and prevent cardiac disease
  • Improves quality of life, strength, endurance and independence

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

  • Remote monitoring of patients in real time on personalized dashboard
  • Data-driven, quantifiable results
  • Cloud-based management and backup
  • Comprehensive visual reports
  • Opportunity for re-evaluation and plan updates
  • Maximizes compliance, creates better outcomes

Benefits for Practices

  • Increase capacity and revenue
  • No cost to install or operate
  • Realize better patient outcomes
  • Direct deploy of platform and onboarding assistance
  • Access to patient status in real time from proprietary dashboard

Reimbursement Strategy

Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies are incentivizing medical providers to employ remote monitoring by improving reimbursement. Let NextGen RPM show you how to leverage these new opportunities through new and established CPT codes.

Managed Service
or Self Service

NextGen can manage patients on your behalf or instruct your team on using our intuitive dashboard and app. We handle enrollment by guiding each patient through the set-up process. The NextGen RPM team monitors your patients and communicates vital information to you as needed or on request. Receive full transparency and progress updates through our program for your entire patient roster.

Covid-19 After Care

To help our communities recover from COVID-19, NextGen RPM offers its COVID-19 RecoveryPlus program. This approach utilizes cardiopulmonary rehabilitation practices to improve daily activities and overall fitness and wellness for people struggling from the virus after-effects. Based on medical research from leading hospitals, exercise therapy is recommended to speed “long-haul” COVID-19 recovery. This revolutionary NextGen RPM platform is a safe, contact-free way to provide remote rehab and monitoring.

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