NextGen RPM

The US is starting to open back up, but COVID-19 rates are starting to go back up in certain areas. To help our communities recover from COVID-19, NextGen RPM has a response.

NextGen RPM created the "COVID-19 Recovery Program" in which we use cardiopulmonary rehabilitation practices to improve a recovered patient's activities of daily life and overall fitness and wellness.

Leading authorities such as John's Hopkins Hospital are highlighting the need for exercise therapy for recovered patients.

The revolutionary NextGen RPM platform provides safe and continuous touchless monitoring of COVID-19 patients.


NextGen RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring for COVID-19 cases

Our platform is proven to be safe, reliable, fast, and scalable.

Let NextGen RPM help you guide your practice to the forefront of the telehealth revolution.

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Benefits for Patients
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and readmits.
  • Increased safety by treating at home.
  • Individualized care plans tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Stay connected to healthcare team 24/7.
  • Virtual visits eliminate need for travel.
Benefits for Healthcare Professionals
  • Monitor condition progress in all patients – remotely.
  • Receive automated alerts of any changes in vital signs.
  • NextGen artificial intelligence watches for telltale warning signs – automatically!
  • Interact and treat high risk patients remotely via voice and video.
  • Eliminate risk of infection in frontline healthcare workers.
Benefits for Practices
Increase Capacity
NextGen RPM enables busy practices to manage more patients, safely and effectively. Monitor your patients’ health from their homes, without the need for in -person contact. We can deploy our platform directly to your patients and assist in the onboarding process. Our platform dashboard gives you access to the status of all of your patients all of the time.
Safety – for our staff and patients – is our top priority. Our staff can track and treat their patients without the need for physical interaction and the risk of infection. Our patients stay safe through ongoing monitoring, and the chances of infection in high-risk patients is greatly reduced.
Managed Service or Self Service
NextGen can manage patients on your behalf or instruct your team on the usage of our intuitive dashboard and app. We handle patient enrolment, guiding each patient through the setup process. The NextGen team monitors your patients and communicates vital information to you as needed or on request. Enjoy full transparency into the status your entire patient population through our practice dashboard.
Providers are incentivized to employ remote patient monitoring, and Medicare and insurance companies are enabling remote monitoring reimbursement. Let NextGen RPM show you how to leverage these new opportunities through newly available codes.